What online programs does Xavier offer?

Online programs are listed at Xavier Online Programs.

Will my degree say online?

No, the degree is from Xavier University and is awarded on meeting coursework standards that are independent of course delivery.

Do online courses charge a different rate?

No, online courses charge the same rate as all other courses.

Are online programs easier or harder than campus programs?

Some students believe that online courses will be easier than a face-to-face course. However, that is not true. Each online course at Xavier will have the same academic standards and content as a face-to-face course. You may find online learning to be easier because it suits your learning style, but the course content, the expectations for how much you will learn and the assessment of what you have learned will be just as rigorous as in a face-to-face class.

How will I interact with my instructor and other students?

Many students feel that in online learning they get to know their professor/instructor and other students better than in a traditional face-to-face course. There are many options for interacting with others in your online program, including discussion boards, video or audio lessons from your instructor, email and video conferencing; these are only some of the options.

Do I need to order books?

You will need to review the syllabus for your course to determine how to obtain materials (print and digital) you will need for your course. The Xavier Bookstore and/or the Library will be happy to assist you in finding course materials. Some readings or media lessons may be posted digitally within the online course itself or in Xavier’s E-Reserves system.

Is there any way I can get a preview or a feel for Xavier’s online programs?

If you are new to online learning at Xavier, we encourage you to go through the student orientation for online courses.

Where can I go for technical help as an online student?

The Technology Services website offers great resources.

How do I access library resources as an online student?

Take advantage of the library’s online resources.

How do I apply to an online program?

Complete a free online application here.