Financial Aid FAQs

Xavier University’s Office of Student Financial Assistance is here to help you make your online education fit your budget. Here are answers to common questions to help you get started.

How do I file the FAFSA if I’m an online student?

Filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the same for online students as it is for traditional on-campus students.

  1. First, register for your FSA ID (Federal User ID) at (If you are a dependent student, you and your parent(s) must each create your own FSA ID.)
  2. Once you have created your FSA ID and have created your username and password, you will be able to electronically access your personal information on Federal Student Aid websites and fill out and sign FAFSA documents electronically.
  3. Complete the FAFSA online at (If you are a returning student, make sure that you file a renewal FAFSA.)
  4. Include Xavier University’s school code (003144) when you fill out the FAFSA.
  5. If you are an independent student, electronically sign the FAFSA yourself. If you are a dependent student, you and your parent(s) must both electronically sign the FAFSA.
  6. Xavier University’s financial aid office will receive your FAFSA in about 7 days after you file. We will then use those documents to determine your Financial Aid Award and send it to you at the student email address listed on your FAFSA documents.

How do I apply for a direct loan?

In order to apply for direct loans, you must first file your FAFSA documents correctly and on time (see previous question). Once you have received your financial aid award from our Office of Student Financial Assistance, you must complete Stafford Loan Entrance Counseling and complete the Stafford Loan Master Promissory Note if you are a first-time borrower.
Xavier’s financial aid office can help you with any additional questions.

How do I apply for the Parent PLUS loan?

Parent PLUS loans are federal loans that parents of dependent students can take out to help cover the cost of their child’s education. To qualify for a parent PLUS loan, parents must first register for a Federal User ID (FSA ID) at

Once the FSA ID is created, parents must decide how much they want to borrow and how long the loan period will be. They will then fill out the Direct PLUS Loan Request at and complete the Parent PLUS Master Promissory Note.

Xavier’s Office of Student Financial Assistance will then process the request and send an updated award letter to the student. Parents will be notified of their approval or denial by the Department of Education directly.

How do I apply for alternative loans?

Alternative loan programs can help cover the cost of education if you do not qualify for enough money via grants, scholarships and/or federal loans. However, terms of these loans vary widely, so before you take out any alternative student loans, we highly recommend that you review Xavier’s recommended alternative loan programs and speak to the Office of Student Financial Assistance to help you find a loan that fits your needs.

When applying for alternative student loans, individual lenders will review your application and notify you of their decision.

Once an alternative loan is approved, Xavier’s Office of Student Financial Assistance will receive a request to certify the loan. Then, approved loans will be disbursed to your Xavier account no earlier than 5 days before the start of a semester.

As an online student, how do I meet with a Xavier Financial Aid Counselor?

If you cannot come to the campus, contact our office at (513) 745-3142 to speak to a counselor. If you do have access to the campus, you can visit the office in person during the following hours (we are located on the first floor of Schott Hall):

Monday, Thursday, Friday: 9:30 am to 4:00 pm
Tuesday: 10:30 am to 4:00 pm
Wednesday: 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

No appointment is necessary.