Ready to apply to Xavier’s online MS in Health Economics and Clinical Outcomes Research? In keeping with Xavier’s mission, we evaluate the student as a whole to ensure the best fit between the candidate and the academic program.

Xavier’s online MS in Health Economics and Clinical Outcomes Research program is open to graduates with a bachelor’s degree in majors including, but not limited to, Arts & Sciences, Premedical Sciences, Nursing, Math, Computer Science, Health Services Administration, Public Health. Applicants who also have demonstrated a strong interest and skillset in math and data analysis will be considered also. Interviews are conducted quarterly. Admission occurs on a rolling basis, as classes are filled.

Questions regarding the application process may be e-mailed directly to

Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission to Xavier’s online HECOR program, you must provide the following:

  • A completed online application
  • Undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited institution (preferred GPA of 3.0 or higher)
  • Official transcripts from all undergraduate/graduate institutions
  • Résumé
  • Personal Letter of Intent*
  • Two Recommendations
  • Interview with Faculty Director

Preferred (not required)

  • 3 or more years of healthcare work experience
  • Grade of B or higher in any previous statistics or econometrics coursework
  • Grade of B or higher in previous microeconomics coursework
  • GRE or GMAT scores (sent directly from the testing agency) if GPA is less than 3.0

*Key points the personal letter of intent should address:

  • What are your motivations for applying to Xavier’s HECOR program?
  • How will the HECOR degree program at Xavier University help you to accomplish your objectives in career and life?
  • HECOR is a quantitative, analytic and team project oriented discipline. How are you prepared to be a successful graduate student in this program?
  • Xavier’s mission is characterized by critical thinking to educate the whole person, with special attention to ethical issues and values. What does this mission mean to you?


  • 500 words (maximum)
  • Clear, concise, and articulate answers to each key point
  • Standard page margins of 1 inch, single-spaced, sans-serif (Arial or Calibri recommended), 12 pt font