Part-Time Online MBA Programs

At Xavier University, our dynamic online MBA program provides students with a well-rounded business education that allows them to make an impact on the business and world.
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Part-Time Online MBA Program

At Xavier University, our dynamic online MBA program provides students with a well-rounded business education that allows them to make an impact on the business and world. Earning your master’s in business provides you with a wide range of job opportunities in the business, marketing, and finance world. It can enhance the work you already do in a professional capacity such as law or medicine or pharmacy. If it is time for a career change, our online MBA program allows you to continue working while making different plans for your future. Students in this program can take classes online to earn their degree while they work. And, for the ultimate flexibility, online part-time students have the flexibility of in-person classes as well.

Is an Online MBA Program the Same as a Regular MBA?

The requirements for admissions in an on-campus and online MBA program are very similar. The main difference is if a student is applying for an online program, the same amount of material covered in their courses will be condensed to an 8 week accelerated period versus a traditional 16 week semester on-campus. Employers want employees to have a degree from a reputable and accredited school, like Xavier. When Xavier offers an MBA online or in-person, the quality of the degree is the same. Networking is different for online students but is definitely part of each online class via group projects, critique & commentary on submitted work by student peers, and out-of-class assignments that require connecting during the week. In addition as an online student, you have access to student services such as the career center, academic advising, health & wellness programming, and engagement opportunities with speakers.

What Makes an Online MBA Program the Best for You?

The best online MBA program is accredited by the AACSB which stands for the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International. Only 30 percent of business schools in the USA carry this accreditation. It ensures that your selected business program is staffed by the highest-quality faculty who deliver challenging and applied coursework. Employers seek out quality graduates who attend quality business schools. Overall, AACSB accredited schools have students with higher GPAs, diverse backgrounds, and partnerships with employers who recruit the students.

Xavier’s online program benefits students who are interested in an online format, manageable yet intense classes and are working while in school. The flexibility of this rigorous program allows working professionals to earn a degree without interrupting their personal life. Our focus on supporting the student who manages personal life & obligations, full-work, and part-time graduate school makes our nationally ranked online MBA program one that is chosen most often and one that our alumni recommend without hesitation.

How Long is a Part-Time MBA Program?

When taking classes online, you are in charge because of choice & flexibility. You decide how long it will take to complete your degree, be it just over a year and a half, or in two to three years. You decide if you attend part-time or full-time. You take a term or two off without losing courses or credits. You choose which classes you take and when. You decide what electives are of interest to you. You set the goal and we work with you to accomplish it. The Xavier fast-paced MBA program offers quality academics, expert faculty, and is a program that allows you to go at your own pace.

Xavier University Online MBA

Xavier ranks in the top five when it comes to the highest starting salaries for MBA-holders in Ohio. According to the Columbus Business First 2019 report, Xavier graduates who are MBA-holders earn an average starting salary of more than $81,000. MBA graduates have the opportunity for jobs in business law as well as financial management, computer and information systems manager, and accounting.

Factors such as education and experience, knowledge and skills, curiosity, and charisma are things that keep people moving in their careers. It gives them the opportunity and confidence to start their own business or take them to the next level. This program instills entrepreneurship qualities such as persistence, integrity, confidence, and strong people skills. Many of our graduates have gone on to become national business leaders and innovators making technological advancements across the world. With over 

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