Ready to apply to Xavier’s online MS in Health Economic and Clinical Outcomes Research? In keeping with Xavier’s mission, we evaluate the student as a whole to ensure the best fit between the candidate and the academic program.

Xavier’s online MS in Health Economic and Clinical Outcomes Research program is open to graduates with a bachelor’s degree in majors including, but not limited to, Arts & Sciences, Premedical Sciences, Nursing, Math, Computer Science, Health Services Administration, Public Health. Applicants who also have demonstrated a strong interest and skillset in math and data analysis will be considered also. Interviews are conducted quarterly. Admission occurs on a rolling basis, as classes are filled.

Questions regarding the application process may be e-mailed directly to

Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission to Xavier’s online HECOR program, you must provide the following:

  • A completed online application
  • Proof of an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited institution
  • Official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions attended, sent directly from the institution (electronic transcripts are also accepted*) that demonstrate:
    • You have completed an undergraduate or graduate statistics course with at least a “B” grade (3.0)
    • A GPA of 3.200 or greater from a regionally accredited institution in related quantitative courses (preferred)
    • Any recent graduate level coursework, in addition to undergraduate transcripts, to demonstrate readiness and motivation
  • A current résume documenting work experience and demonstrated quantitative competence; the résume is uploaded to the application system
    • Clearly state your role in quantitative projects
    • Clearly state your role in team or collaborative projects
    • Clearly state your health-related work experience
    • Clearly state your specific role in research projects
    • Explain gaps in employment and education
  • 2 recommendations, requested and submitted through the online application system
    • Preferred: at least one recent employer
    • No personal friends or family
    • Dated letters of reference may be added to the online survey form
  • A written personal statement of intent demonstrating interest in and aptitude for health outcomes research (1 page; see requirements under “Personal Statement of Intent”)
  • Interview to assess motivation and readiness for graduate study in HECOR
  • International students may have additional application requirements. Visit for more information. Note: International students in the U.S. cannot enroll in an online degree program to fulfill the legal requirement for an F-1 or J-1 visa.

Notes and Special Circumstances

If your GPA is less than 3.200, please state the circumstances in your Statement of Intent, if you are comfortable sharing, and:

  • Recalculate GPA for 2 most recent years of study
  • List and recalculate GPA for your quantitative courses
  • GRE or GMAT is required (see below)

Under some circumstances, additional evidence of quantitative competence is required, such as official GRE or GMAT (test scores sent directly from the testing agency), a master’s degree in a related field, or a project report

  • Preferred: >median; Required: >25% rank for reported median scores, or >15th percentile for reported mean scores, i.e., +1 SD of mean or above
    • Example: GRE Minimum 143 quantitative reasoning > 15% rank
    • Example: GRE Minimum 3.0 analytic writing > 15% rank
  • Project report with a brief statement from your employer stating your specific contribution to projects demonstrating quantitative competence
  • If you have been out of university for some time, or your quantitative coursework is limited, you may wish to submit transcript for quantitative graduate coursework with a grade of B or better to demonstrate your quantitative skills
    • Suggested graduate level quantitative coursework may include probability, (bio)statistics, economics, finance, calculus, genetics, physics, chemistry, engineering, pharmacology, computer science or coding

Under some circumstances, GMAT scores may be evaluated to demonstrate quantitative skill

  • GMAT total mean = 547; 20%ile = 450; 12%ile = 400; ~±1 SD of mean or above = 426
  • GMAT quantitative mean = 38.03; 22%ile = 30; 13%ile = 25; ~±1 SD of mean or above = 27
  • GMAT analytic writing mean = 3; 21%ile = 4; 6%ile = 3; ~±1 SD of mean or above = 3.17
  • GMAT Integrated reasoning mean = 4.33; 25%ile = 3; 12%ile = 2; ~±1 SD of mean or above = 2.2

Personal Statement of Intent

The personal statement is an important part of your application to the Xavier University graduate program in health economic and clinical outcomes research. The essay provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate your writing skills, and address key points reviewed by our admissions committee when considering your application.


  • 500 words (maximum)
  • Demonstrates the ability to clearly, concisely and articulately answer each key point
  • Standard page margins of 1 inch, single-spaced, sans-serif (Arial or Calibri recommended), 11 pt font
  • Scoring is based on content, completeness, organization, development, spelling, grammar, punctuation, professional appearance, writing style and quality

Key points the statement of intent should address:

  • Why are you interested in studying population health economic and clinical outcomes research?
  • HECOR is a quantitative, analytic and team project oriented discipline. How are you prepared to be a successful graduate student in this program?
  • How will you contribute to your class?
  • Xavier’s mission is characterized by critical thinking to educate the whole person, with special attention to ethical issues and values. How will the MS in HECOR degree program at Xavier University help you to accomplish your objectives in career and life?