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International Applicants

The Information for International Applicants to Xavier Online Programs provides comprehensive details and guidance for individuals outside the United States interested in pursuing academic opportunities through Xavier University’s online offerings.

Information for International Applicants to Online Programs

Currently, the following Xavier University online programs are accepting applications from students who are residents of other countries:

It is students’ responsibility to understand current regulations and requirements related to online programs in their country of residence. These include:

  • Whether the online degree will be recognized in the students’ country of residence and/or any country in which they plan to work. Some countries may not formally recognize foreign online degrees, which may have implications for enrolling in further education or seeking employment or the right to work.
  • Whether the program meets educational requirements for licensure or certification in the students’ country of residence and/or any country in which they plan to work. Before enrollment, a student seeking licensure, certification or training for employment in a specific field, must confirm with the appropriate professional licensing board in the country where the student intends to work that Xavier’s program or credentialing is recognized and acceptable. At this time, Xavier University cannot guarantee that a program meets curriculum requirements or professional licensure requirements in any country.
  • Whether there are additional withholding taxes, in addition to the price of tuition, in the student’s country.
  • Whether student has access to suitable internet access and other technological capabilities to provide reliable access to online educational offerings. Students should be confirm this access prior to enrollment, and must always comply with their country’s laws when accessing online content.
  • The collection and use of student data and data privacy protection(s).

In addition, Xavier is not accepting applications from students in countries and regions that are currently under economic and trade sanctions from the United States as identified by the Office of Foreign Assets Control.

International students who are planning to come to Xavier University’s physical campus at any time during enrollment should contact the Center for International Education for more information. Note there are restrictions on the number of online credit hours that an international student may count toward a full course of study each semester.

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