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Are you considering furthering your business education with an online MBA program? Online MBAs have become a popular choice for working professionals seeking to advance their careers while juggling other responsibilities.
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With a full-time job and daily responsibilities, the thought of going back to school can feel unattainable. Fortunately, online MBA programs make it possible to pursue higher education and an advanced degree on your own time.

Are you considering furthering your business education with an online MBA program? Online MBAs have become a popular choice for working professionals seeking to advance their careers while juggling other responsibilities. This article explores the benefits of an online MBA program, the online MBA curriculum, how to choose the ideal program for you, admissions and financial assistance, career opportunities, and more.

Benefits of an Online MBA Program

If you’re contemplating whether to pursue an MBA degree, chances are you’ve wondered if going the online route is the right choice. There are several benefits associated with online MBA programs, including flexibility and convenience, access to top-tier business schools, and cost-effectiveness. This section outlines these benefits and dives deeper into the curriculum of an online MBA program, including core courses, electives and specializations, and capstone projects and experiential learning.

Flexibility and Convenience

One of the most significant advantages of an online MBA program is the flexibility it offers. Unlike traditional, on-campus programs, online MBA students can complete coursework on their own schedules, making it easier to balance work, family, and other personal commitments. Many programs allow students to access course materials and recorded lectures anytime, anywhere, providing the utmost convenience. Plus, online learning platforms typically provide tools like discussion forums and chat features that facilitate collaboration among students and engagement with professors, all from the comfort of your home or office.

Access to Top Business Schools

Online MBA programs have become increasingly popular among reputable business schools, allowing students all over the world to access top-tier education without needing to relocate. This expanded access means that students have a wider range of options when choosing an MBA program, no longer limited by geography. As more prestigious schools enter the online arena, the quality of online MBA programs has risen, leading to increased credibility and recognition of online MBA degrees in the job market.


While pursuing an MBA is a significant investment, online programs can be a more cost-effective option than their traditional counterparts. Students may save money in several ways, including lower tuition fees, no need for on-campus housing, and reduced commuting costs. Additionally, online MBA students can often continue working while they complete their degree, minimizing the financial impact of a temporary career break or the stress of leaving a stable job to return to school full-time.

The Online MBA Curriculum

Although online MBA programs offer flexibility and convenience, rest assured that the quality and comprehensiveness of the curriculum are not sacrificed. Similar to traditional MBA programs, online MBA coursework is designed to build a strong foundation in business principles and practices, with opportunities for specialization and hands-on learning experiences.

Core Courses

As with any MBA program, online MBA students must complete a series of core courses designed to provide a well-rounded business education. These courses typically cover essential business disciplines such as finance, marketing, operations, accounting, and organizational behavior. Students will also explore topics related to leadership, ethics, and decision-making. These foundational courses equip graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in various business roles and adapt to a rapidly changing global economy.

Electives and Specializations

Online MBA programs often provide a range of elective courses that delve deeper into specific areas of business, allowing students to tailor their education to their unique interests and career goals. Additionally, many programs offer specializations or concentrations in fields such as entrepreneurship, healthcare management, international business, marketing, or finance. These specialized tracks enable students to become experts in their chosen fields and potentially increase their marketability in a competitive job market.

Capstone Projects and Experiential Learning

A key feature of many MBA programs, both online and traditional, is the emphasis on hands-on learning through capstone projects, internships, and experiential learning opportunities. Capstone projects, usually undertaken toward the end of the program, require students to apply the knowledge and skills they’ve gained throughout their MBA coursework to address a real-world business problem or develop a business plan. These projects not only showcase students’ expertise but also provide tangible evidence of their ability to make a positive impact in their chosen field.

Experiential learning opportunities like internships, consulting projects, or study abroad programs, allow students to gain practical, real-world experience while still completing their degree. While online MBA programs inherently differ from on-campus programs in terms of the in-person experience, many online programs still offer these valuable opportunities through innovative virtual collaboration tools or partnerships with local organizations.

Online MBA Program Concentrations

When you decide to earn your online MBA degree, you’ll develop a strong foundation in business principles and graduate with valuable skills that can be applied to a number of industries. You’ll also have the opportunity to decide what topics you want to study. Online MBA programs offer a variety of concentrations to help students focus their studies on specific areas of business. Here is a list of some of the most popular concentrations.

MBA Healthcare Management

If you are working towards an online MBA, a concentration in Healthcare Management is a great fit for those looking to combine their business acumen with a focus on the healthcare industry. This concentration will provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in healthcare leadership roles, such as managing hospital systems, medical practices, or pharmaceutical companies.

MBA Information Technology Management

As technology continues to advance in all areas of business, the demand for professionals with both business and tech skills is on the rise. Specializing in Information Technology Management prepares MBA students for roles such as project management, cybersecurity, or data analysis in technology-driven industries.

MBA Marketing

Choosing to specialize in Marketing is a great option for MBA students interested in pursuing a career in marketing, advertising, or public relations. This concentration teaches students how to create effective marketing strategies, analyze market trends, and develop strong communication and storytelling skills.

MBA Human Resource Management

An online MBA with a concentration in Human Resource Management prepares students for leadership roles in HR departments. This concentration focuses on building skills in staff development, employee relations, and talent acquisition for various industries.

MBA Finance

An online MBA with a concentration in Finance is a fitting choice for students interested in investment banking, financial analysis, or corporate finance. This concentration teaches students the ins and outs of financial management, accounting, and investment analysis in a variety of business settings.

MBA Entrepreneurship

Earning an online MBA with a specialization in entrepreneurship can equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to start and grow successful businesses. Such programs typically cover topics like strategic planning, marketing, finance, and operations management, as well as more specific areas such as innovation, risk management, and ethical leadership. MBA grads may pursue careers as entrepreneurs, managers, consultants, or other business professionals.

MBA International Business

With the increasing globalization of business, companies are seeking professionals with a deep understanding of international markets. An online MBA in international business can cover topics such as global supply chain management, cross-cultural communication, international marketing, trade regulations, and negotiation strategies. An MBA in international business can open doors to a range of career opportunities, including careers with global corporations, consulting firms, government organizations, and non-profits.

Choosing the Right Online MBA Program

With the rapid growth of online education, more professionals are choosing to pursue their MBA degrees online. However, with the variety of options available, selecting the right program can be overwhelming. This section will guide you through the crucial factors to consider when you’re choosing an online MBA program and discuss admissions, financial assistance opportunities, and more.

Factors to Consider

Before you dive into your research, identify the reasons you’re pursuing an MBA degree and your career goals. This will help you shortlist programs that align with your needs. Here are some factors to keep in mind while choosing the best online MBA program for you:

  • Program flexibility: One of the primary advantages of online MBA programs is their flexibility. Ensure the program you choose provides you with the opportunity to balance your work and personal life while you complete your degree.
  • Faculty qualifications: Look for a program with experienced and qualified faculty members who hold advanced degrees and have professional experience in the business world. Engaging with professors who bring real-world insights can enrich your MBA experience.
  • Coursework: Evaluate the curriculum provided by the program to ensure it covers relevant subjects and teaches the necessary skills you’ll need to succeed in your chosen field.
  • Program duration: Online MBA programs can range from 12 months to several years, depending on the course load and the school. Consider the time you have available to commit to the program and choose one that suits your schedule.
  • Cost: Compare program costs, including additional fees for resources and technology. Don’t forget to calculate the potential returns on your investment for each option.

Rankings and Accreditation

When considering online MBA programs, it’s essential to check their rankings and accreditation. Rankings can give you an idea of the program’s reputation and quality, while accreditation indicates that the program meets specific educational standards. Some of the well-known MBA rankings are published by U.S. News & World Report, Financial Times, and The Economist.

Make sure your selected MBA program is accredited by one of the leading accreditation agencies, such as the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), or the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE). Attending an accredited program will ensure your degree is widely recognized and valued by potential employers.

Networking Opportunities

In this globalized business world, networking is essential for career growth. Choose an online MBA program that offers networking opportunities, such as virtual events, webinars, or regional meetups. Connecting with fellow professionals, faculty, and alumni can enhance your learning experience, broaden your horizons, and potentially open doors to new career opportunities.

Admissions and Financial Assistance

Admissions and financial assistance are crucial aspects of selecting an online MBA program. Understanding the application process, scholarship options, and work-study possibilities can help you make the most informed decision about your MBA experience.

Application Process

The application process for online MBA programs typically involves submitting your academic records, letters of recommendation, a personal statement or essay, and, in some cases, GMAT or GRE scores. Some programs may also require an interview, which can be conducted through video conference. In any case, it’s vital to review the admission requirements and deadlines for your chosen program and prepare your application materials accordingly.

Tip: Enhance your application by highlighting your professional achievements, leadership skills, and overall potential to contribute positively to the MBA program and its community.

Scholarships and Grants

Online MBA programs can be expensive, but scholarships and grants can help ease the financial burden. Begin your search for financial assistance by checking with the business school you’re applying to, as they may have specific scholarships available to their students. Additionally, explore external scholarship and grant opportunities through local and national organizations, professional associations, and private companies catering to MBA students.

Tip: Apply for multiple scholarships and grants, as the competition for funding can be fierce. Keep track of application deadlines and submit all required documents in a timely manner.

Work-Study Opportunities

Work-study opportunities can provide additional financial assistance while allowing you to gain valuable experience in your field. Some business schools offer graduate assistantships, research opportunities, or internships in exchange for tuition waivers or stipends.

Check with your desired online MBA program to see if they provide work-study opportunities to online students, and consider applying for those that align with your professional aspirations. Keep in mind that competition for these opportunities can be high, so submit a compelling application to enhance your chances of selection.

Career Opportunities and ROI

As the demand for skilled business professionals keeps increasing, an online MBA can open doors to various career opportunities, with an added advantage of higher salary expectations and substantial ROI. In this article, we discuss the job prospects, salary expectations, and return on investment for MBA graduates, followed by some frequently asked questions about online MBA programs.

Job Prospects for MBA Graduates

MBA graduates have a multitude of career opportunities, enabling them to work in various fields and industries. Some of the roles they can undertake include:

  • Financial Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Management Consultant
  • Business Development Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in management occupations is projected to grow 8% from 2021 to 2031, faster than the average for all occupations. With an online MBA, graduates can adapt to the changing business environment and become proficient in dealing with tasks such as strategizing, decision-making, and critical thinking, making them highly sought-after by employers.

Salary Expectations

An MBA often results in a significant increase in earning potential. According to Payscale, the average salary for professionals holding an MBA degree in the United States is around $95,000 per year. Additionally, this figure can increase based on factors such as:

  • Years of experience
  • Industry
  • Job function
  • Geographical location

For instance, MBA graduates working in highly competitive sectors like technology or financial services tend to have higher salary expectations. Also, completing your MBA from a well-established and accredited institution can positively impact your salary.

Return on Investment

The return on investment (ROI) for an online MBA primarily depends on the total cost of the program and an individual’s professional growth, including increased earning potential and career advancement opportunities. Online MBA programs are typically more affordable than their on-campus alternatives and allow students to study at their own pace. This flexibility often leads to a higher ROI due to lower tuition fees and the possibility of maintaining a job while studying.

Depending on the program, industry, institution, and experience level, online MBA grads could see a salary increase ranging from $20,000 to $250,000. This figure can vary, so it’s essential to research and choose a reputable online MBA program that aligns with your career goals.

Earn Your Online MBA at Xavier University

When you’re ready to develop the skills and experience needed to advance your career, apply to Xavier University. Our nationally ranked online MBA program is a convenient and flexible option for individuals seeking to enhance their business knowledge and reach their career goals. The program caters to working professionals who want to pursue their degrees while maintaining a balance between their job, personal life, and education.

Our online MBA program offers the same curriculum as the on-campus MBA program, so you can be sure you’re receiving the quality education our business school is known for. The curriculum is comprehensive and covers essential areas of business, such as marketing, finance, operations, economics, and more. Students learn about the latest business trends and practices, enabling them to implement fit-for-purpose strategies and solutions in their workplace.

Xavier’s online MBA program is versatile in terms of scheduling and delivery methods. The program is primarily asynchronous, meaning students can listen to prerecorded lectures and complete assignments at their own pace. However, live sessions are also available through virtual classrooms, allowing students to participate in group discussions and interact with their peers and faculty members.

Another advantage of working towards our online MBA is that you’ll have the opportunity to access a diverse network of faculty, alumni, and peers. The program promotes collaboration and networking, and students are encouraged to attend on-campus events and participate in online discussions. Our online program will provide you with the skills, knowledge, and experience you need to advance your career and increase your earnings.

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FAQs About Business School Online MBAs

Are online MBA programs respected by employers?

Yes, online MBA programs are widely respected by employers, especially if the program is from an accredited and reputable institution. In fact, the increasing popularity of online education has led to greater acceptance of online MBA degrees in the professional world.

What factors should I consider while choosing an online MBA program?

When choosing an online MBA program, consider factors such as:

  • Accreditation
  • Program curriculum
  • Cost and financial aid options
  • Program flexibility
  • Faculty quality and experience
  • Reputation and alumni network

Is work experience required for an online MBA program?

While some online MBA programs may require work experience, others may not. Having professional experience can enhance your learning and make you more competitive in the admissions process. However, entry requirements vary, so it’s essential to research individual programs to understand their specific prerequisites.

How long does it take to complete an online MBA program?

The duration of an online MBA program typically ranges from 18 months to 3 years, depending on factors such as program structure and the student’s time commitment. Some institutions also offer accelerated online MBA options that allow students to finish in a shorter timeframe.

How much does an online MBA increase your salary?

Companies find similar value in an MBA earned online vs. traditionally, and both cohorts can expect a higher salary than bachelor’s degree holders. According to various surveys and studies, an online MBA can increase your salary by an average of 23% to 75%.

However, the amount of salary increase can vary depending on factors such as the industry you work in, your job title, your level of experience, and the reputation of the online MBA program. Those specializing in consulting, technology, and finance tend to have the highest compensation increases. Regardless, earning your MBA online can certainly improve your chances of career growth and advancement.

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